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Ukraine & Russia Orphanages

In order to directly support a good cause to support, we heard that the orphanages in the Ukraine and Russia were badly funded and often needed help.


Richard identified a voluntary charity in the Ukraine and visited the Orphanages to see first hand if they needed assistance. We found that the radiators in some bedrooms that accommodated numerous kids did not work and the temperature drops to -40 degrees during winter. The commercial dishwasher for the kitchen, which catered for 100 kids at 5 settings per day was broken. The kids TV's were broken etc etc. So we replaced everything that was needed.


Also we were informed that one family had 10 kids (they had taken 8 orphans into their home) and only had 2 bedrooms and had started a extension to provide an additional bedroom. They did not have the resources to put a roof on the extension, put in windows and finish it internally, so we paid the builders providers to supply everything that was necessary.

In Russian we were informed of a orphanage that was almost completed but needed some items to finish out, in order to accommodate the kids. So we ensured that what was needed was supplied.


It is our objective to continue our charitable works both in Ireland and the old Soviet Union countries.

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