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During Irelands initial Covid 19 Lockdown, we noticed a considerable number of homeless people on the streets. There were no Pedestrians who would normally help them. We had the comfort of our homes and families.


So Richard went to the city to help provide hot food and sleeping bags, tents etc. During his visits he met a fabulous voluntary Charity called "Friends Helping Friends” and worked with them during the Lockdown.


Friends Helping friends were feeding approx. 100 Homeless people two nights a week, which Glenda cooked 3/4 varieties of hot food herself and often ran short. So Richard offered to pay the ensure that a hundred extra meals etc could be provided each night with drinks, snacks etc and an extra night was added.


Then happily Friends Helping Friends went on to be awarded the Lord mayors award for Covid heroes. Friends Helping Friends have since returned to their normal feeding station outside the bank of Ireland , feeding and helping hundreds on people a few times a week. 


FHF are a very worthy totally voluntary charitable organisation with no government support, therefore any contribution to helping them help Dublin’s homeless would be very gratefully appreciated.

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